John's Bio
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Born in Canton, Ohio I Began drums in elementary school and progressed through high school enduring marching band, concert band, stage band, and even church band. I Graduated Magna Cum “Loud” “cause that‘s how I played!

Upon earning an associate’s in electronics technology and becoming monetarily deficient, I was suddenly declared a 1st round draft pick by my uncle and promptly enlisted in the U.S. NAVY.  I served 6 years, saw much of the world and was honorably discharged in Norfolk, VA, where I continued gov’t service at NADEP, Norfolk.

My Musical coma continued for an additional 15 years until I began toying with the blues harp.  Sitting in with numerous bands both rock and blue grass, I also mastered the WASHTUB BASS.  Considered a virtuoso in bluegrass circles I am credited with numerous design changes, which greatly improved the sound, playability, and appearance of this instrument.  My toils were soon rewarded by Appalachian State University, where I was Meritoriously awarded A PHD in Washtubology for superior tubmanship and pioneering innovative design improvements in the field of tubtrionics.

Base closure caused my sudden relocation to Jacksonville, FL where I continued employment at NAS JAX.  This proved to be a catalyst and harmonica elevated from hobby to obsession.

I began sitting in with bands at every opportunity and discovered several weekend garage bands where I occasionally sat in on drums.  I soon earned the title of “musical whore” and resolved myself to maintain the arduous regimen so deserving of this title, and promptly purchased an alto sax. It remains in my closet. My apologies Mr. Coletrain.

My break occurred when I was invited by a major Clay County concert promoter (Steve Webb) to sit in on drums at the 1st Webbstock!  I accepted and soon thereafter began the necessary metamorphosis from amateur to professional.  This was a most difficult fete when trying to preserve the previous title.

I began playing music with seasoned professionals and became, for the 2nd time, a 1st round draft pick when “Wild Card” was formed in Aug. 2001.  A great bunch of guys and a pleasure to play music with!!

John jammin away!
Name: John Kincaid

John also plays Acuestick Guitar (Click Here)

John says "Real men use REAL drum sticks"!



See John ride a barstool!

How does John move all those drums on a motorcycle?

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